Land to be purchased for Mohmand Dam Construction

The land will soon be purchased for the construction of Mohmand Dam by Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda). Wapda Chairman Lt. Gen. (retd) Muzammil Hussain revealed that appropriate compensation will be given to the locals for their land and other resources by Wapda. Wapda will develop infrastructure, provide health facilities, education and introduce water supply schemes in the area.

He said that the Mohmand Dam is extremely important as it will store almost 1.2 million acre-feet of water. The water will be used for irrigation and energy generation.

He informed that the feasibility study of the project has been done and now project evaluation will begin. It is expected that the project will be completed in five years 8 months time. After its completion, it will play a pivotal part in Pakistan’s economy and development.

Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBR) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa revealed in a Sub-Committee on Land Acquisition and Resettlement for Mohmand Dam meeting that the land acquisition process for Mohmand Dam is in the advanced stage and soon land will be acquired for the construction.

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It is pertinent to mention here that the total construction cost of Mohmand and Diamer-Bhasha dams will be Rs883 billion.

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