Land Record Officers Have Not Been Paid For 3 Months

We study more than half our lives, with the aim to land in to a satisfactory job to support our families. What a dilemma when we finally find a job but are not paid for our hard work and efforts. Not even a penny.

This is the bitter situation of Land Records Officers across Punjab. After being selected through a tough competition, and working for their position, they are deprived of their salaries for the last three months. Such disappointing situation results in only one way, officers are either leaving or weighing their options for resignation. According to an officer currently working there, the contentment of finding a job in Land record office has been replaced by resentment for not being paid for your work.

Out of the 136 candidates who were selected to work as record officers, 44 have already resigned. The reason is obvious. The attitude of PLRA is biased and unjust towards the employees.

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The other side of the story was heard by the head of PLRA member board MPA Rana Babar Hussain, who clarifies his position by stating that there was some delay in the formalities needed to be done, which became the cause for the postponement in salaries. He stressed that the employees would be given their payments from the time they started working.

Even if what MPA Rana Babar Hussain says is true, the formalities should have been taken care of in time. The employees deserve their hard work paid in timely manner. We can hope that the issue would be resolved soon for the sake of Land Record Officers.

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