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Lahori Groom Wore Gold Shoes and Tie at His Wedding

A Lahori groom took it to a whole new level when he wore Rs 2.5 million worth accessories alongside his wedding outfit on his wedding day. People say that generally, diamonds are for girls and so are the ornaments that add more to their beauty, but this Lahori groom proved that gold is just not only a girl’ thing.

Gold jewellery is usually used for weddings as accessories for dressing up the brides on their wedding day. However, Hafiz Salman Shahid—the Lahori groom kind of imitated the trend mostly adopted for brides and dressed up by wearing gold from head to toe like literally.

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As per the reports of local media, the newly wedded groom Salman appeared on his valima day in an outfit costing around Rupees 2.5 million, with shoes which were made of thirty-two tola gold costing around 1.7 million rupees and a ten tola gold tie costing nearly around half a million. Alongside his golden or I must say gold accessories, the Lahori businessman wore a suit of rupees sixty-three thousand that had crystals and jewels embodied on it.

Hafiz was provided with security guards which everyone could guess easily were not for his protection rather for the protection of the gold he wore.

While conversing to the media, the groom said that he always had this in him to wear different kind of outfits and he wanted to wear something unique on his big day which was the reason why he opted for the gold shoes and tie.

Hafiz Salman is the only brother of seven sisters, his parents wanted to fulfil all their wishes on their only son.

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