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Lahore Zoo Receives Lions and Tigers as A Gift from UAE

Lahore zoo

Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum—the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made the announcement of gifting 18 lions and tigers to the Lahore zoo. These animals worth Rs100million. These lions and tigers would be received in the coming week.

For handling the issue of extinction and unlawful hunting of animals, the Punjab Wildlife Department has submitted a new law draft to the government for imposing fines and punishments on these offences.

A change was suggested in the Punjab Wildlife Act 2007 for increasing the span of maximum imprisonment for the unlawful hunting 2-5 years, while the minimum imprisonment should be set at 3 years with a minimum fine of 50,000 rupees.

The objective behind UAE’s decision of gifting these animals to the Punjab Wildlife Department is to prevent extinction.

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Animals include would be:

  • 5 white tigers
  • 8 African lions
  • 6 Bengal Tigers

The details of the animals were shared by Amin Aslam—the Climate Advisor.

He said that the animals would be imported from Al-Nakheel Wildlife Centre of the United Arab Emirates via a special C-130 plane to the provincial capital of Punjab.

UAE would be bearing the customs duty and the CAA charges for the transportation of the wild animals.

As per sources, the wildlife department is also anticipated to begin a breeding program in Cholistan area of Chankara with the assistance of UAE whereas a 25crore land was also given to UAE in Murree for opening a falcon farm for the purposes of breeding.

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