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Lahore Waste Management Company Starts Energy Production from Waste

Lahore Waste Management Company

The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has successfully introduced its first ever gas flaring project at a closed dumpsite—Mahmood Booti. The site is one of the oldest situated at Ring Road. It is operational since 1998.

Jamil Khawar—the LWMC head of communication while conversing with the local media said that the firm has successfully finished this project. The company would now be presenting this project to the government for seeking funds for launching more of such projects on a larger scale. He also mentioned that the city has good potential for producing energy from garbage.

The approximated area of the dumpsite is nearly forty acres. This site has fully exhausted its capacity and has reached the height of nearly eighty feet from the ground level, hence, the dumping was closed in April 2016.

As per an estimate, nearly 13.14 million tonnes of waste have been disposed of at the Mahmood Booti. The fraction of biodegradable items of the dumped waste is fifty-five per cent to sixty per cent.

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The LWMC has taken a measure for the plantation on the front façade of dumpsite facing the Ring Road as a pilot project. So far, 14,500 plants have been planted by the LWMC of different species, covering an approximated area of 20,000 metres square. The plantation was done after the needed cutting and levelling of the area.

The LWMC has taken a step for accessing the dumpsite’s gas potential on the south-eastern side of the dumpsite. During the testing project gas from four gas vents which were already installed at the dumpsite was collected and transferred via 900 ft long gas pipeline to one point for the testing and flaring purpose.

Since the 13th of June 2018, the dumpsite is continuously being captured and flared on a per day basis. For demonstration purposes, the LWMC has installed needed apparatus which includes a two-burner stove and a gas lamp in connected office for flaring the gas twenty-four seven.

It is approximated that the dumpsite has the capacity of providing the combustible gas for the next seven to ten years.

The collected dumpsite gas could be provided to the autoclave facility as a substitute for natural gas for steam generation via the boiler. The produced steam would then be used for the sterilisation of the hospital waste. The same gas could also be supplied to the Lahore Waste Management Company for fulfilling its electricity requirements.

The dumpsite gas could also be used as a substitute fuel of CNG in the automobiles after treatment and purification.

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