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Lahore Traffic Police Started e-Challan System for Violators

e-challan system

The Lahore traffic police have started the e-challan system for the traffic rule violators. The e-challan system has been launched in Lahore with the collaboration of Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) and the City Traffic Police (CTP).

With the introduction of the new system, the traffic violators would be recognized with the aid of a modern Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras which have been installed throughout the various city roads by the PSCA.

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Posted by Punjab Safe Cities Authority on Sunday, September 23, 2018

The violators would be receiving the e-challan instruments at their provided addresses against their automobile IDs.

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The instruments have got real-time graphics of the rule violations, type and the corresponding penalty numeric firstly to be paid to the branches of the Bank of Punjab. Exactly same arrangements are being done with the National Bank of Pakistan as well besides many more depositing options.

The e-challan initially would be issued if a red signal is broken, however, the ones involved in other kinds of traffic violations would also be charged electronically.

The functions are to be operated from the PSCA Electronic Ticketing Centre in collaboration with the city traffic police officials and in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Ordinance and Rules Section 116-A.

The e-challan shows all the violations, relevant guidelines and fines so that the citizens should be fully aware of the rules, they are not supposed to break.

The due date for paying the fines would be ten days otherwise, the amount would be doubled. Non-payment of fine or frequent rule breakings would force the traffic police to seize the vehicle.

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