Lahore Traffic Police Begins Strict Action Against Improper Number Plates

Improper Number Plates

On the instructions of Syed Hammad Abid, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, the traffic police of the city have started a strict crackdown operation against the improper number plates. These number plates include the ones that are unregistered, inappropriate, tampered or fancy. The traffic police is taking action against both the motorcycle and car banned number plates.

The drive has been initiated after a surge in the number of citizens were found using green or tampered number plates on their automobiles in an attempt to escape from the authorities and to avoid the e-challan.

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The CTO Lahore has said that the traffic police of Lahore has established checkpoints all across the city including the entry and exit points for ensuring that the violators are strictly handled.

Besides the imposition of heavy fines, the traffic police have also been given the authority to lodge FIR against the lawbreakers and to seize the automobile.

The citizens having authentic and genuine excise slips offering proof that they have applied to get the number plates would be spared from any strict measure, as informed by the Cheif Traffic Officer of Lahore.

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