Lahore Soon to be the First Smart City of Pakistan

Pakistan has witnessed rapid urbanization in the past few years. In order to develop those cities, it is important that new, latest technologies are deployed by the provincial and city government. Now the word ‘Smart City’ is being used commonly for those cities in which technology and innovation have been used for development. Smart cities are basically those cities in which information communication technologies (ICT) and the IT solutions are embraced to manage resources in the best way possible. Technology is used in Smart Cities to increase efficiency, improve governance quality and provide effective services to the people. To achieve these goal cities ask the tech companies to find an innovative solution for different departments like defense, police, water and sanitation, municipality etc.

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In Pakistan, the Punjab government initiated the Punjab Safe Cities Project in Lahore. Initially, the project focused on tech solutions for policing, surveillance, and traffic control. But then the operation kept on expanding. When in Feb 2017 a suicide attack occurred on Mall Road in Lahore, the safe city cameras, mobile network fencing was used by police to track the attackers. Here the first mega practical implementation of the technology was witnessed.

Now other than this e-challans were also introduced by the Punjab government for signal violations. As of now, 87,000 e-challans have been dispatched to the postal address of the violator. This has not just raised money for the province but also improved the traffic condition of Lahore. As Safe City infrastructure has been set up in Lahore, the city government and relevant authorities can monitor everything. Thus, Lahore has become Pakistan’s first city with the required infrastructure necessary for a smart city. But there is still a long way to go from here till Lahore is named the First Smart City of Pakistan.


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