Lahore Sheikhupura Motorway Closed Due To Heavy Fog

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The motorway from Lahore to Sheikhupura was closed for traffic due to heavy fog on the motorway which greatly reduces visibility. It has been reported that 4 vehicles collided due to heavy fog near Sialkot Motorway Toll Plaza.

According to the spokesman of the motorway, the visibility on the national highway in Rahim Yar Khan and Iqbalabad is 50 to 100 meters due to heavy fog.

The spokesman said that the motorway would be reopened as soon as the fog subsided. He directed that fog lights should be used in vehicles while people should avoid unnecessary travel. On the other hand, due to heavy fog near Sialkot Motorway Toll Plaza, 4 vehicles collided with each other. Rescue officials say seven people were injured and taken to the hospital. However, no loss of life was reported.

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