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Lahore Sets up Disinfection Tunnels on Main Roads

Disinfection tunnels

The Lahore city’s district administration has set up coronavirus disinfection tunnels on the main roads throughout the city as a preventive step to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The decision was taken after a surge in coronavirus cases was witnessed in the city. Whoever passes via the disinfection tunnel will be sprayed with chlorine which helps in killing the germs.

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The tunnel that has been installed at the Mall road has got an automatic sensor. It will detect and is programmed to automatically spray people with chlorine when passing via it. A tank that is filled with chlorine is placed beside the disinfection tunnel.

The residents may they be on foot or motorbikes have been told to pass via the tunnels.

So far the government of Punjab has reported 4,382 COVID-19 cases and 51 have lost their lives.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the province of Sindh has reported the highest number of coronavirus cases today. Most of the cases belong to the provincial capital.

During these testing times, it is highly advised both by the authorities and by other nations who are handling the coronavirus outbreak that social distancing is the one method via which the spread of this virus can be controlled, hence we all like responsible citizens should abide by the provided guidelines, both for our safety and for the safety of the others.

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