Lahore Schools to Remain Off for 2 Days – Research Snipers

Lahore Schools to Remain Off for 2 Days

Lahore schools

The government of Punjab has taken the decision to close all the public and private schools in Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Lahore because of the dense smog.

The schools would remain off on the 15th and 16th November as per a notification issued by the school department of the provincial government.

Lahore is suffering from the intense issue of smog as it has reappeared in the city on Tuesday night. The air quality levels across the metropolis increased and people have started to panic.

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Lahore once again became the second most polluted city of the world after New Delhi of India.

The rise in the smog is related to the surge in the various health issues, which includes asthma, bronchial infections, lung issues and heart-related problems and shortens the life expectancy. Here are some suggestions for keeping yourself and your family protected:

  • Wearing grade N99 masks when outdoors
  • Keep yourself hydrated, as water would help in diluting the toxins that get into the system
  • Install air purifiers in your home
  • Carrying a doctor-approved inhaler is also advised, even if you are not an asthma patient
  • Consuming more vegetables in the diet helps in better circulation of oxygen
  • Practise light exercise as heavy exercises require heavy oxygen intake that leads to more toxin intake

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