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Lahore Reports Highest Number of Cybercrime Cases; FIA Report

Cybercrime Cases

As per a report of FIA, Lahore has reported the highest number of cybercrime cases ever since the prevention of electronic crimes bill, 2016 was passed. This is the highest number recorded so far in Pakistan, as per the report.

Pakistan has reported a total count of eleven thousand cases of cybercrime in the last 3 years. Of these, only four hundred and thirty-six cases were solved. More than seven hundred and ninety-three cases have been postponed.

It also said that Rawalpindi ranks at the second spot with a total of 1,228 cases following Lahore, and Peshawar has reported 1,188 cases.

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147 cases were solved among all the reported ones in Lahore, as per the report. 51 perpetrators were apprehended in Rawalpindi and Peshawar has announced the final decision in 42 cases.

Hina Noman, the FIA Prosecutor explained that one of the biggest reasons why these cases have not reached their climax was owing to the lack of any proof. She also said that secondly, by the time forensic reports come, the complaint usually agrees on a compromise.

The prosecutor said that the firms usually take place as complaints are pressured. She also said that these people already are under trauma owing to which it is easy to put them under pressure.

As per the reports no cybercrime cases were reported in Gilgit Baltistan, whereas in Karachi 1,174 were reported, 1,003 in Gujranwala, 926 in Faisalabad, 244 cases in Islamabad and 396 in Quetta.

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