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Lahore Ranked Second Worst City in Daily World Air Quality

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Lahore has been ranked as the second worst city in the world in terms of the Daily World Air Quality. The first city ranked in the worst daily world air quality is Kabul. Lahore is followed by New Dehli as the third worst city. This is as per Air Visual, the organization that not just ranks cities all over the world in term of the Air Quality Index (AQI) but also have the largest air quality database that is freely accessible to all.

Earlier it was reported that Lahore is 9th worst city in Air Quality Index. But now it is the second worst. Lahore’s annual average of air quality is of 68 µg/m3 of PM2.5 that is extremely unhealthy.

In hospital, the patients with respiratory problems have increased at an exponential rate. An ENT specialist Dr Imtiaz Butt said, “Since the last couple of years, the incidence of smog has grown at alarming levels, and the number of people coming in with respiratory issues has increased.”

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About the issue of air quality in Lahore Dr. Imtiaz said, ,”I would advise people to put on masks to avoid directly inhaling the air through their mouths, to avoid exercising out in the open, and to stay hydrated at all times.”

In a tweet the environmental lawyer Rafay Alam said, “WHO says air pollution the New Tobacco. Who here doubts smoking is injurious to health? Breathing air in our cities is now akin to smoking. One of the roles of a free press is to inform people of thugs that impact their lives. Which is why the Pakistani press’ silence baffles.”