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Lahore might get its own amusement park

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Lahoris cheer! A Greek organization will invest in a world class amusement park in the city. Punjab government was formally asked for by a Greek investment gathering, LEEAD Consulting, for a duty and tax exempt administration.

The organization is wanting to put $621 million in a Disneyland-esque entertainment park for Lahore. As indicated by the Coordination Additional Commissioner, Usman Khalid Khan, the foreign venture aggregate requested a comparative status for alternate organizations putting resources into the Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

Despite the fact that it doesn’t fall under the commonplace government’s purview to consent to such requests, Punjab government has asked for Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) help in this issue.

Amusement Park in Lahore can prove to be a worthy investment

The amusement park will be based on a range crossing 600 acres of land, if the Federal government affirms the undertaking, said Usman Khan. The task will be executed on a construct, possess and work model. LEEAD Consulting and different investors will claim the land for 20 years. The recreation park will have various entertainment attractions, inns and business focuses improving openings for work in Lahore. An aquarium, best in class amusement stop rides and a crazy ride will likewise be worked for the amusement park.

It will be situated amongst Sagian and Kot Abdul Malik regions where Parks and Horticulture expert will be overseeing and executing the entire thing. Before LEEAD Consulting chose to contribute, different organizations communicated their enthusiasm for building an entertainment park in Lahore.

Two organizations were occupied with the thought yet retreated from the arrangement. A Chinese investment organization, Golden Bean was fascinating in subsidizing the task yet dropped the thought later on.

Another organization did likewise and left the task amid early transactions.

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The legislature is currently specifically marking the arrangement to seal the deal as opposed to marking a Memorandum of Understanding.

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