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Lahore Designated ‘Creative City’ in Literature by UNESCO


UNESCO has designated Lahore a ‘Creative City’ in Literature. This development was made following the German representative’s visit to the Lahore Literary Festival.

Less than a year after the head of the UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg informed about Lahore’s suitability for the program at the Lahore Literary Festival, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has added Lahore to its creative cities in Literature.

This development will prove to be a major boost for Lahore. As tourism is being encouraged in Pakistan, it will help in highlighting the cultural importance of Lahore.

Founder and CEO Razi Ahmed said, “Seven consecutive years of the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) in Lahore has fostered a community of book-lovers to come in closer range of writers and poets for intellectual stimulation and a humane understanding of the world especially in an age where authoritative journalism is under threat and information becomes increasingly difficult to sift from the phenomenon of fake news.”

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Adding, “The LLF has brought alive the city’s past and present traditions of literary and social thought and advanced the humanistic power of the written word to the promising youth of the city.”

LLF has continued the tradition of Lahore being the leading city in conducting literacy activities in Pakistan by promoting the literary work of Saadat Hasan Manto, Bapsi Sidhwa and Habib Jalib.

Dr. Andrea Edel, head of the UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg said during a session at the LLF earlier in 2019 that “Lahore should apply to be a UNESCO City of Literature because it is already part of the Network.”

1 thought on “Lahore Designated ‘Creative City’ in Literature by UNESCO

  1. Maria Gulraize Khan
    The application for the Call for Creative City Network was submitted by the MCL Lahore and steered by the Commissioner, Lahore in June 2019. It was done with the support of Mr Waseem Butt (an MP in Heidelberg). Heidelberg has also been a City Of Literature. The application was developed after much consultation with stakeholders and written up by Ms Amina Ali, a Communications Expert and now focal person for the next 4 years. The application includes a commitment of local and international events that the MCL (Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore) has to implement. In yesterday’s press conference it was announced that a Committee and a Secretariat will be established for implementation of the plan.

    I hope your platform and other publications will give due credit where it is due and understand how the process for nomination took place.

    Kind regards

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