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Lahore Airport’s Main Runway Shutting Down for 18 Months

Lahore Airport's Main Runway

The Lahore Airport’s main runway is shutting down for 18 months for repair work.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in a Notice to Airman (NOTAM) on Thursday informed about this closure. It also said that a secondary runway at the airport L-36 would be used during the span.

The aviation authority gave approval to the repair work on the request of the airport authorities, as informed by the airport manager. He also said that the repair work on the main runway would take up a year and a half.

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He further mentioned that during this repair work duration, the long-range and heavy planes would not be permitted to land on the alternate runway.

In the meantime, the airlines have been told to reduce their number of passengers and the fuel amount while they make their landing at the secondary runway of the airport.

Previously back in the month of February, the Lahore airport runway was closed for 1 week for the repair work.

On the other hand, the aviation authority has taken the decision of planting three million saplings at the airports across the country during the present monsoon tree plantation drive.

The plantation drive was inaugurated at the Karachi airport by the CAA Director-General and the aviation secretary.

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