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Lahore Air Quality Index Reaches 447


According to Air Visual’s Air Quality Index (AQI) list, the air quality of Lahore remains hazardous as the air quality ranking has reached 447.

The Air Visual has declared Lahore as the second most polluted city in the world. Air Visual records the levels of air pollution across the globe in real-time. Delhi holds the top spot as its Air Visual’s Air Quality Index is 556.

The Air Quality Index ranking between 301 to 500 is called ‘hazardous’ and would “trigger a health warning of emergency conditions. Thus, the entire population is likely to be affected.

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In the last four years, smog has deprived people of sunshine and dusk-hour charm. It is called the fifth season of Lahore.

In India, the smog is also blamed for the crop burnings. However, experts say that the situation is caused because of pollution in Pakistan.

This year the situation worsened as for the first time Punjab government announced that the schools will be closed due to dense smog. The government is being blamed by the residents for not taking sufficient measures, however, the administration is saying that is making efforts to deal with the smog.  

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