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Labfresh’s New T-Shirt Could Repel Stains and Odour

It’s been a year to the button-up shirt that was designed in such ways that it cleans itself with just the mild application of water, withstands staining and repels any kind of bad smells—and all that without the need of regular washing. Presently, the fashion start-up behind this high technology shirt is back with a new collection of self-cleaning clothes, however, this time the target is on the t-shirts.

Labfresh today launched a new Kickstarter campaign for its newest line of stain and odour repellent t-shirts.

Lotte Vink—Co-founder while speaking about the new collection said that same fabric of last year is used, however this time more reliance is on the moisture-wicking technology which makes sweat absorption more efficient.

The fabric feels thicker than the fabric used in the making of earlier shirts, but it feels more pleasant to wear and is breathable.

The moisture-wicking technology is designed to conceal the body juices on the inside of the t-shirt. The t-shirt would be absorbing the minor sweating without any difficulty. In case of excessive sweating the surface of the t-shirt would have slight visible marks, but they would evaporate incredibly fast.

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Labfresh has sold more than five thousand shirts and has closed their angel investment round and has attained the badge of the highest funded Dutch fashion project on Kickstarter. At present the firm is trying to take the top most position again from last year from its new t-shirts.

The new t-shirt’s by Labfresh would be available in black, white and grey colours. It would retail at €45 once the firm finishes its crowdfunding efforts, however one could purchase the t-shirt now for €35 or two t-shirts for €59.

You can checkout the latest collection of Labfresh at the official page of Kickstarter. Deliveries would not be taking place till late July this year.

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