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Kuwait Changes Azaan Words amid Coronavirus Outbreak

In Kuwait, some changes have been made in the Azaan due to the increasing threat of the Coronavirus. The change words are asking people to perform prayers at home. This has been done as a precautionary step for the safety of the citizens of Kuwait.

In Azaan the basic words Hayya alas salah are now replaced with Al salatu fi Buyutikum which means “perform prayers at home”. Dr. Abdullah Al Sanad country’s health spokesperson says that this measure has helped a lot in preventing local spread. of the virus.

The total number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 in Kuwait is now 112 as 12 more people were diagnosed with this virus in the last twenty-four hours. Many people living there had an international travel history and so the rest of the people got infected after getting in contact with them who recently visited international borders.

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Due to the fear of the virus, Friday prayers were canceled in the Middle East and in many other countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Iran, and Iraq.

Iran is one of those Muslim countries which had the worst hit and mainly all the closure of the religious sites and discouragement of the public gathering for Friday prayers and spiritual teachings started from there.

In Pakistan also the medical emergency has been declared with all the public places to be closed starting from all educational institutions, cinemas, wedding halls, religious sites, picnic points, and markets, etc.

In Punjab, section 144 has been imposed according to which four or more people are not allowed to assemble together in an area.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Religious Affairs is in talks with the religious leaders to confine prayers and especially the Friday prayers. It is expected that the final decision will come out in a few days.

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