Kuwait Banned Hanging Laundry on Balconies for Drying

The Capital of Kuwait has imposed a new law regarding the ban on drying clothes on the balconies by hanging them, in a bid for maintaining the city’s beauty, as reported by the Arab Times on Monday.

The reports mentioned that an emergency from the Capital Governorate of Kuwait has introduced an investigation campaign and has issued warnings to the tenants of the apartments facing the street against drying their clothes on the balconies by hanging them.

The head of the emergency team-Zeid Al Enezi informed that the emergency team had marked the apartments by putting stickers on the doors of the apartments that have broken the law and have given them warnings that the violators would be charged with fines of Kuwaiti Dinars ranging from hundred to three hundred (KD 100 to KD 300).

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Al-Enezi said that so far, twelve apartments have been issued warnings that they would need to pay fines if they would insist on drying their laundry on the balconies.

He further added that in future the team would be carrying out campaigns in partnership with the Environment Public Authority of Kuwait, which handles and is dealing with the “visual pollution”.

The authorities in many cities and regions of the Gulf nations have been pushing out strict rules and regulations regarding the hanging of laundry on the balconies and have imposed the violators with charges.

In Bahrain, the residents complained that the sight of undergarments and lingerie drying on the balconies is provocative, embarrassing and disrespectful, this forced the Southern Governorate in July 2017 for introducing a ban on drying laundry on rooftops and balconies.

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