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Kund Malir Included Among Top 50 Asian Beaches

kund malir

Kund Malir is an untouched beach present in Southwestern Pakistan. it has been included among the list of top 50 Asian beaches.

The Kund Malir beach is situated in Balochistan and is among the most heavenly beaches on earth. It could definitely be referred to as the top tourist attractions in Pakistan, as per “The World’s Best Beaches for 2018” list published by FlightNetwork.

It is exactly located at the bottom edge of Hingol National Park, and rests between the desert, mountain and sea, thus forming an amazingly breath-taking view.

The beach provides unmatchable serenity to the visitors and a lot more. This golden beach is a must-see location if one ever plans to visit Pakistan. The waves are immensely mesmerizing, touching on the beach imparting a peaceful vibe as one escapes from civilization for visiting this isolated patch of paradise.

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One could reach to Kund Malir by flying into Jinnah International Airport in Karachi from where the destination could be reached via car by driving along the Makran Coastal Highway between the cities of Karachi and Gwadar or a tour could be taken by any of the offering companies.

The list published by the FlightNetwork’s of Asian beaches provides an in-depth look into the stunning beaches of Asia.

The list was made by gathering the insider views of 600 journalists, agencies, bloggers and editors—who have travelled their entire lives.

The list features the beaches that offer balanced eventual relaxation, all the necessary ingredients to make one’s beach journey unforgettable and a taste for adventure.

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