KPK Researchers find First Coronavirus re-infection case


Monday, news came out that the health researchers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) detected the first coronavirus re-infection cases in a case study.

Nowadays, the second wave of coronavirus is undergoing in Pakistan. So during the second wave, a group of researchers from Khyber Medical University discovered the first COVID-19 re-infection.

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The health experts revealed that an employee of the health department was tested positive for the novel coronavirus on the 6th of June and he was re-infected with COVID-19 once again.

As per the reports, the employee was suffering from flu-like illness before being detected positive for coronavirus on June 6th. He recovered from the virus till 19th June, but after four months and thirteen days, he got re-infected with the pandemic virus once again.

The symptoms during the re-infection case were severe, which the team detected while carrying out a study.   

According to the experts, the winter season is coming up which is suitable for respiratory diseases and can spread the novel coronavirus pandemic even more.  The experts suggested taking proper preventive measures in order to control the virus and to prevent it from spreading more.

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