KPK Police introduces Europe’s traffic rules system

KPK Police has introduced Europe’s traffic rules system for providing licenses in the province. The aim is to bring awareness amongst the general public relating to traffic rules. By introducing this new system KPK wants to make the citizens responsible & inform them about the importance of rules and the punishments for breaking those rules.

Currently, this new system has been launched in the Mansehra district. After this KPK will introduce this system in other various cities of KPK as well.

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As per the new traffic system, there will be a hundred points in the driving license of every individual. If the individual violates any traffic law, 10 marks will be taken from the total. So, in short, it means that if any violator breaks traffic laws 10 times, his license will be annulled.

If that individual wants their license back they would have to take part in Public Social Responsibility scheme. In easy terms, the violator would have to serve the society if he wants his license back.

Syed Shahzad Nadeem who is the DPO Mansehra said that the first & foremost goal of introducing Europe’s traffic rules system in Mansehra is to bring awareness about traffic rules amongst the public.

The locals of Mansehra also approve of this new system introduced.

Three social works are introduced by the authority, after which the violator will be given his license back.

  1. The citizen has to plant 10 trees or have to work with Forestation Department for 10 continuous days.
  2. Second is that the violator can work with Town Municipal Administration to clean the city for ten days.
  3. Three the violator can work with the town traffic police for ten days to help the children cross the road.

It is a great step by KPK Police & it is something we haven’t heard in Pakistan before. It is important that a citizen is told how important traffic rules are to minimize accidents, mishaps & traffic issues.

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