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KPK Has Introduced Online System For Applying In Mineral Sector

KPK government has changed the process for applying for investment in mines and mineral sector in the province. They have made the system online for application of licensees in the mining sector.

Minerals Sector Governance Act-2016 has been put in place by the Minerals Development Department of government of KPK. According to this governance act in order to appeal to maximum investors in mining field and to make the whole process transparent and fair this law was formed.

Therefore, the government has initiated this procedure of providing online applications. This way nobody would be given undue preference and discrimination and favoritism would be diminished.

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As per the Department of Mineral Development, applications for different sectors of mines have started coming from May 10 2017 and this procedure would go on till further directions are provided to the applicants.

For all the applicants who have filled the form they can submit them to the investment facilitation desk. Then the application would be studied in detail, by the Regional Offices of the Department, the candidates will be shortlisted on merit and according to the rules of K-P Minerals Sector Governance Act 2016.

Image via: KPK