KPK Health Budget Has Been Increased From Rs. 5,521.65 to Rs. 35,496.39 – Research Snipers

KPK Health Budget Has Been Increased From Rs. 5,521.65 to Rs. 35,496.39

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According to the KPK budget 2017-18 Whitepaper, the budget for health department which was estimated Rs. 5,521.645 million has been increased to Rs. 35,496.385 million. This is nearly 542.92 percent increase in the healthcare budget.

The budget of over health department covers provincial health institutions as well as regular grants to provide funding to Medical teaching institutions.

Whitepaper 2017-18 says the provision of quality healthcare services in the province is one of the top priorities of the KPK government, the government also has launched institutional reforms along with independent monitoring unit to oversee and ensure the quality and sustainability of reform efforts.

All the hospitals in the province have been given statutory autonomy under the supervision of the independent board of directors. The government has also introduced better salary packages for healthcare professionals.

Highlighting more details, development expenditure is declined from Rs. 16,474.710 million to Rs. 7,479.114 for the current year.

This means the government has achieved the development programs in the previous year and now its allocating more budget in services provision.

Last year, KPK government created 3,942 provincial and district level jobs in various categories to join health institutions in order to provide better health services. The number of new jobs also reduced to 1,140 during this financial year.