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KPK Govt. to Establish Six Industrial Zones


On Sunday, the KPK government has planned to establish six industrial zones in different areas of the province including the southern districts on around 3,788 acres of land. 

The six industrial zones will be established in Karak, Buner, Chitral, Daraban. The first industrial of Chitral will be built on forty acres of land and the other will be constructed in Daraban in order to develop the southern districts.

Another industrial zone will be set up in Buner district on 126 acres of land.

The KPK government is trying to establish SEZs (Special Economic Zones) all over the province.

PM Imran Khan in September, attended the signing ceremony of the Rashakai SEZ development between Chinese and Pakistani companies. According to him, this initiative is going to play an important role in the development of the province.

The reports said that Rashakai SEZ will help in boosting industrialization and will create more jobs in Pakistan. The Prime Minister said that the establishment of this zone and peace in Afghanistan will help in developing connectivity in Central Asia after which the destiny of the region will change completely.

Last year in March, Mahmood Khan KPK Chief Minister during his visit to Malakand district inaugurated the Dargai industrial economic zone. According to him, the focus is on promoting petroleum and industrial sectors.

According to Mahmood Khan, the local residents will be provided with employment in different industrial zones established in different parts of the province.

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