KPK Govt. Launches a Project for the up-gradation of 9 Archaeological Sites


On Saturday, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has recently launched a project in order to protect and up-grade 9 Archaeological sites.

The KPK government has equipped the Integrated Tourism Development Project in partnership with the International Development Association and World Bank in order to promote tourism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the details, the government launched a $70 million project for the up-gradation and protection of 9 Archeological sites for the promotion of religious tourism.

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As per the Provincial Tourism Department, the sites which are going to be rehabilitated have global importance.

The sites include; Shapola Stupa and Jamrud Fort in Khyber District, the Bhamala Khanpur, 3 historic mosques in Swat; Pashmal Mosque, Udigram Mosque, Kalam Mosque, Mardan Museum, Hund Museum Swabi, and Chakdara Museum Lower Dir.

The officials said that before 9/11 happened, many tourists were visiting Buddhist places of worship in KPK. Later on, the number of tourists decreased due to poor law and order.    

When the law and order improved, the tourist from Japan, Thailand, and Korea continued to visit the sites said the officials. Now, the coronavirus pandemic has reduced the number of tourists again.

Under the agreement, the activities undertaken are; expansion of existing buildings, preservation of existing archaeological remains, souvenir shops, road construction, parking lots, cafeterias, conservation work, etc.

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