KPK Govt Introduces a New Program to Improve Agricultural Production


Earlier today, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) has initiated a new program in order to improve agricultural production and to provide employment to people in KPK.

As per the reports, the government has decided that hundreds of thousands of acres of barren land will be made arable. The project mainly aims to employ thousands of jobless women.

584, 000 acres of land will be made arable and Rs.142.27 billion will be utilized to build a new dam and for the irrigation system.

Moreover, Rs.50 million will be spent on olive cultivation.

Furthermore, the KPK government has decided to use Rs.10 billion on an interest-free loan program. Rs.5 billion will be spent on an easy payment loan program for the farmers.

This program will be KPK’s first Food Security program.

On the other hand, the government will also provide subsidies. Furthermore, the government will provide Rs.2 billion in order to increase the production of rice, wheat, sugarcane, and edible oils.

The livestock and fisheries will be provided with a subsidy of Rs.3 billion.

Also, the KPK government will form 4500 field assistant positions in rural areas.

Shaukat Yousafzai KP Labor stated that this program has an aim to achieve self-sufficient agriculture. It also includes short-term, mid, and long-term policies.

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