KPK government to establish Pak-Austria Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology in Haripur

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced to spend Rs. 9bn for establishing a new Pak-Austria Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology in Haripur. According to the press information department, KP government is collaborating with Austria in order to establish this educational institute.

Education Department official told that Austria will assist KP government throughout the project. He further added that the institute will offer technical courses including environmental engineering, software engineering, and multi-media technologies.


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Haripur is the city which comes under the district of Hazara, the current literacy rate in Haripur is 53% including male and female. There is only one higher education University in Haripur which is “The University of Haripur”, however, there are several colleges and institutes in the city but there is still a dire need for quality universities in the city. Bright and young students from the district normally relocate to Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad for their higher education motives. This development by the KP government will bring new hopes for the residents; it would help create the difference in education and the development of the region.


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