KPK Government to Develop CPEC IT Park in Peshawar

KPK government has made the decision to develop a CPEC IT Park in Peshawar as reported by Radio Pakistan.

KPK government spokesperson has informed that land for the establishment of the park has been acquired and the construction process will start very soon. Fourteen million dollars will be invested in the construction of the park.

The aim to establish the park is to encourage trade activities and create job opportunities for the youngster of Pakistan, specifically KPK.

Initially, when CPEC agreement was signed between China and Pakistan it was decided that an IT park will be developed in every province of Pakistan. Other than KPK IT Park, work in Islamabad Industrial Park has also started. It is expected that Islamabad IT Park will reach its first phase by 2018. The project in Islamabad will cost 1.5 billion dollars and it will complete in three phases.

CPEC and Pakistan is a topic debatable. It is changing Pakistan, for the better or worse, debatable. It is assumed that CPEC will bring development and advancement in Pakistan, making it richer and prosperous, but will it, debatable. CPEC will bring an economic boost in Pakistan, with the amount of debt taken, the situation again is debatable.

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