KPK Finalized its First-ever Food Security Policy Ensuring Food Security

Under this new and first-ever Food Security Policy, the KPK government has developed several plans to cultivate and produce top-quality food.

Recently it was informed that the KP government has finalized its first-ever Food Security Policy to ensure food security in the province. The final draft is also approved by the CM KPK.

The Food Security Policy is aimed to achieve sustainable food security, poverty alleviation, and creates employment opportunities.

There would be a short-term plan for a period of 2-3 years costing around Rs. 56 billion and a medium-term plan for a period of 4-7 years with an estimated cost of Rs. 109 billion.

Then there would be a long-term plan for a period of 8-10 years with an estimated cost of Rs. 70 billion. There will be some 19 different initiatives/measures under the short-term plan where it has been proposed to increase agricultural products in the province.

It is also informed that some 24 different measures/initiatives, under the medium-term plan, will include the construction of small dams, raising of the existing dams, development of maximum command areas of these dams, and more.

Whereas under the long-term plan, there will be some 9 initiatives/measures including the construction of large dams, cultivation of olive plants at a vast scale, and more.

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