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KPK Education System: Fines worth Rs. 190 million collected from low-performing teachers

KPK Education System

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is making small steps to reform its education system. A recent news leaked that the KP government has been monitoring teachers in KP’s public schools. According to the Department of Education, KPK, they warned teachers of unnecessary leaves, leaving students unattended. They also found earlier that teachers were missing during duty hours.

The KPK government, in order to improve the KPK education system, enforced a fine if a teacher is absent without any solid reasons. According to the department, an amount crossing Rs. 190 million has been collected in the name of fine from poor-performing teachers.

The department also claimed to demote or even forced to take early retirement if teachers are found guilty of not performing their duties honestly. Talking about KPK’s education system, a spokesperson gave an amount of 1,053 teachers being terminated from their duties.

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These steps were taken to improve the education system of public schools in KPK. The government of KPK believes that measures like these would make teachers work as they are supposed to. Teaching is an honorable profession. They’re the backbone of societies. But with immoral attitudes teachers can never expect a respect and cannot build a stronger society.

The government of KPK is not just filling its pockets by raising wealth from fines. They also have been awarding teachers with outstanding performance. The department of education KPK claims to distribute Rs 150 million among high-performing teachers.his

This law has been in the position since 2013, the period when PTI established its government in KPK by winning the elections 2013.

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