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KPK Business Community wants this Lockdown to End

On Friday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s business Community demanded the authorities to end this lockdown and permit the businesses to open 24/7. This demand was made through a video link meeting under the chairmanship of Engineer Maqsood Anwar Pervaiz, SCCI President.

Businessmen, Traders leaders, and industrialists involved in the retail sector were present in the meeting. They asked the government to issue payments of the refund to the business community without any delay. Moreover, they asked the government to convey business-friendly policies.

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The demand to open the Pak-Afghan border 24/7 has been made by the participants. Also, they asked to remove all hurdles which are coming in the way of the bilateral and transit trade of the two neighboring countries.

All participants made it clear that if the government did not pay attention to their request then they will announce future courses of action in a press conference organized under the backing of the SCCI at the chamber house on 2nd June.

As per the business community, they have fully shown cooperation with the government’s decision of the lockdown and will support the government’s initiatives to control the coronavirus in KPK.

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