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KPK Budget For Health Is Rs65.7 Billion For The Year 2017-18

In the budget 2017-18 by KPK government Rs65.7 billion is allocated for the health sector. This is 11% of the total budget. The health budget is increased by 20% this year as compared to last fiscal year.

Division of health budget in KPK:

The money would be invested in various projects and departments of health. These include:

  • Purchase of health tools and equipment for projects like Peshawar Institute of Cardiology
  • Continuation of Sehat Insaf Card health scheme, facilitating up to 1.8 million families. 2 billion investment would be used on it
  • Money that would be used on health institutions of the provincial level and district level offices of the Health Department would be Rs51.9 billion and Rs13.6 billion respectively.
  • In shape of grant and aid, tertiary care hospitals would be given Rs6 billion
  • Rs12 billion would be spent on 26 new health related projects while 75 projects going on previously would be continued
  • 26 basic health units, 16 medical education training institutions, 33 general hospitals, 9 preventive health projects and 12 more projects for tertiary care hospitals are part of the 26 new health schemes
  • For post-kidney transplant treatment government has allocated Rs200 million at the Institute of Kidney Diseases (IKD) in Peshawar
  • For free cancer treatment and providing free drugs to patients Rs3 billion has been earmarked. 5000 patients would be treated through this while till now 14000 cancer patients were provided free treatment.
  • Rs6 billion is allocated to a long neglected programme called immunization by the Expanded Programme on Immunization.
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This is how the budget of health is divided by the KPK government. If these projects work as planned, it would be extremely beneficial for the people of KPK.