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KP University Banned Sitting Together of Male and Female Students

banned sitting together

The biggest university of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa—Khushal Khan university has banned sitting together of the male and female students in the central library. Students have been warned of strict action which would be taken against them if they fail to abide by the given orders.

When the air is full of the chants of “Naya Pakistan”, and people expecting to see changes not just in the governance but also at the societal level. Gender equality is the debate of towns and women are struggling hard for their rights across the globe including Pakistan, the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are having a hard time in deciding the issue of male and female students sitting together.

University Administration has taken this decision after many complaints were received against students for making noise in the library. We all know and agree that library out of all the places is one such place where the decorum of silence has to be maintained.

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The administration is of the belief that by segregating the students especially female students would result in providing silence and maintaining discipline within the library. Female students would be given a separate space where the male students would not be permitted to sit.

There are other steps that could have been taken which would have been more gender friendly like the appointment of a strict librarian. It is really alarming to see how universities are making this gender inequality gap between the young students who would be the future of this country.

Pakistan lies on the 143rd position as per the global gender gap report. Such decisions would further be violating the already not so exemplary image of Pakistan.

Earlier Bacha Khan university issued the same kind of directives and banned male and female students from sitting together in 2017. Decisions like these only causes gender disparity.

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