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KP to Set up Sasta Insaf Bazaars

Sasta Insaf Bazaars

The province of KP is to set up Sasta Insaf bazaars. This measure is being taken to offer relief to the public from the high increasing prices of the essential commodities. The provincial cabinet gave approval to this initiative of establishing 16 Sasta Insaf Bazaars throughout the province.

As per reports, at start four of these discount markets will be set up in the provincial capital and two each at the divisional level. These markets will be gradually expanded to all the districts of the province to ensure that cheap and affordable items can be provided to the citizens throughout the week.

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This was decided during a meeting of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Cabinet which met in Peshawar on Tuesday with CM Mahmood Khan in the chair.

While discussing over the skyrocketing prices of essential items, the cabinet deliberated over a plan to offer some relief to the public in the form of the ‘sasta bazaars’. To boost traders at these markets to keep prices low, the government decided to provide free shops under an initiative that could cost the government around Rs.100 million. Apart from providing rent-free stores, the provincial government will ensure the provision of water, restrooms, security, sanitation, and other facilities at these markets.

These markets would be operated by special ‘management committees’ which will be formed to ensure better supervision of the markets and ensure availability of essential items.

CM Mahmood directed the K-P Planning and Development Department to immediately formulate proposals for the execution of the Chashma Right Bank Canal.

The meeting was briefed that the number of farmer markets set up in the province has been increased from 65 to 80.

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