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KP to put a ban on punishment in schools

Since the ban on punishment is already in place in Punjab, Chief Minister KP Pervez Khatak on Wednesday during a cabinet meeting made a number of decisions including the ban on corporal punishment in schools.

During the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the chief minister said the cabinet has already approved a draft law aimed at banning the corporal punishment in KP schools, the previous laws in this regard would also strengthen—he added.

Secondly, the chief minister ordered WAPDA to release the funds Rs.22 billion immediately to LP in net hydel profit. He said the government needs funds in order to lay the overall ground design of improved educational facilities at schools which includes the training of 83,000 teachers. He also said that the concept of reward and punishment is natural and should continue in the education sector.

Additionally, the cabinet also approved funds for the development of Charsadda district, the chief minister has directed the transparent procedure to allocate the budget and resources to the district.

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Khattak said the amendment made in the civil procedural code for settlement and the duration to complete the civil cases is a good decision. According to the law, all the civil cases must be decided within a year. He said, that KP government has wrapped up the previous law which used to encourage never-ending litigation process.

Khattak also said that the government has also reviewed and finalized recommendations to make the amendment to criminal procedural code as well. CM Khattak has also directed to speed up the work on BRT project and provision of the buses on time. The government will not provide the subsidy for the project, it should be able to generate enough resources to run on its own.