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KP to Outsource Low-Performing Primary Schools

Outsource Low-Performing Primary Schools

The elementary and secondary education department of KP has taken the decision of outsourcing the low-performing and non-functional primary government schools across the province to the private sector in the next academic session which is to start in next April, as per the officials.

According to the officials, nearly 650 government schools have already identified as low-performing and non-functional ones would be outsourced in the span of the next 3 years under the Rs.1.252 billion pilot project.

They said that the schools with 30 students and 3 or more teachers, and 80 students and one teacher would be covered under the measure.

The officials said that 2.638 government primary schools with 80 students and two or fewer teachers would be outsourced later.

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They said that the government would be paying Rs.1,000 monthly fee for a student to the private organization provided the task of managing the school.

The officials informed that the firm would be hiring the teachers, while the present teachers would be shifted from those schools to the nearest ones.

They added that the education department would soon be airing an advertisement in the local newspapers asking the private firms for the initiative while building for the objective that would be taking place under the KP Public Procurement Authority Rules.

The officials said that many noticeable chains of private schools had shown their interest in getting the control of the government schools.

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