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KP Places Ban on Selling Pakoras in Newspapers

pakoras in newspapers

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has placed a ban on selling pakoras in newspapers. The vendors have been told not to sell any food items wrapped in newspapers.

Eating street food packed in newspapers is something we all good relate to, but recent researches have proven that eating from the newspapers is not good for health and could lead to many health-related issues.

The ban has been placed on using newspapers for wrapping bread and other food commodities which contains oil and water. The food safety authority of the government has declared using newspapers for the packaging of food items as a health hazard.

The directives have been issued by the KP food authority on the suggestion of its scientific committee.

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Abdul Sattar—the Director of the Halal Food Authority said that dangerous chemicals like cadmium, lead and phthalate along with pigments, additives, inedible colours, graphite and preservatives are absorbed by the food wrapped in newspaper that is later eaten by the people.

He mentioned that eating of the ink of newspaper could even lead to cancer.

The vendors have been asked to find an alternative to the newspapers.

The ban on newspaper packaging of food items would be put into effect from the 14th of June. Strict action would be taken against the people who would be found violating the ban.

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