KP Locals to be Encouraged to Open Homes for Tourists

KP Locals

KP locals are encouraged to open homes for welcoming the tourists.

After being referred to as the top tourist destination in the world by the apex international magazine and anticipating a surge of visitors during the next tourist season, the provincial government on Tuesday made the announcement to offer support to the locals in the tourist hot locations of Chitral, Swat and Hazara for converting their homes to welcome the tourists.

Furthermore, the locals would also be offered tourism-related training.

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The announcement was made by the Senior Tourism Minister of KP—Atif Khan while he was addressing a function on tourism and strengthening the youth of the newly-formed district.

He added that in the hill stations and valleys of the tourist spots the locals would be provided monetary support in the form of grants or loans of up to one million rupees for sprucing up their homes and to enable them to be such to get accepted by the tourists.

For the said purpose, he said that as many as 14 new tourist destinations have been identified in the province while they have allotted five billion rupees for the construction of roads leading to the tourist sites.

He also mentioned that 4 zones are being established where facilities as per the international standards would be provided to the tourists.

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