KP launches new e-registration system for private schools


A new e-registration system has been launched for private schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The process of private school registration will be streamlined. The provincial government will regulate private schools matters according to the law.

The adviser to the Chief Minister of KPK Zia Ullah Bangash said that the framework was formulated after consultation with parents and the Private Schools Association (PSA) of KPK.

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The registration process of the private schools will be overseen by the Private Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA) of KPK. The schools not registered have been given 31st December 2019 deadline to register themselves at a normal fee. Up till now, Rs. 23 million has been raised in revenue by the registration drive.

Peshawar High Court passed a judgment in September that prohibited the KPK’s private schools from taking fees during the summer vacation holidays. The high court asked the provincial government to recover fees from the private schools.

Thus, the KP government has formulated special recovery teams both at Tehsil and district levels, in light of the court’s judgment.

The recruitment of doctors and teachers is underway to extend the health care and education facilities to FATA districts. Youngsters of tribal districts will be issued interest-free loans to start their businesses under the Insaaf Rozgar scheme.

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