KP Govt. Sets up A Health Unit at Babusar Top for the Tourists

babusar top

The provincial health minister, Hisham Inamullah khan have ordered to build basic health unit at Babusar top in Naran Valley. This unit has been installed as per the orders to provide the tourist with basic health facilities.

In summers, tourists come in large number to visit this place so if there is an emergency regarding health issues these installed health units would be of great help.

On the directives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department, this health unit is going to be upgraded to a rural health centre.

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Dr Arshad Khan, Director-General of Health Department made his visit to Naran Valley to take a look at the situation of the health facilities in the area. He said that although this basic unit is enough to provide health services to the tourists still, they are advancing it to Rural Health centre to deal with the heavy arrival of the people, especially in the summer season.

He further added that the construction of the basic health unit has been started and the facility would remain operational in summers too.

These steps are taken for the promotion of tourism and for avoiding any condition which is unwanted considering tourists health.

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