KP Govt. Issued Driving Licenses to Fifteen Transgenders

In the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial government of KP has for the first time issued driving licenses to fifteen transgender persons as per the reports of a local newspaper.

The licenses were awarded to the transgender persons during a ceremony that was held in Peshawar, where Yasir Khan Afridi—the SSP Traffic distributed the licenses among them.

While speaking at the ceremony, the SSP Traffic told the audience that three hundred transgenders have applied for the driving licenses. In the first phase, only fifteen transgenders were given licenses to drive whereas the remaining applications would be processed with time.

Afridi told while addressing on the occasion that none of the transgender persons were asked to change their legal documents for receiving the national driving license.

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The traffic police would be arranging a separate class for the transgender person who wants to learn the driving skill at the Peshawar Cantt Police driving learning school.

Farzana—a transgender person in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa upon receiving the driving license said that this initiative by the government would make ways for the transgender community to lead respectable lives.

She informed that most of the people belonging to her community were tired of dancing to earn money and want to look for alternate options and professions for earning income.

The SSP Traffic also applauded the efforts of Blue Veins, TransAction, PJYO for highlighting the needs of this particular community.

The traffic police said that they would take action against those public transport vehicles who harass or deny or charge extra to the transgender community or to any other vulnerable segment of society.

The minorities like the transgender community face many hurdles in their daily lives and the government should assist them fully by drafting such policies and by taking such steps that could protect their fundamental rights as per the constitution of the country.

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