KP Govt. Banned Tobacco Use at Public Places

The Provincial government of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has banned tobacco use in public places and in transport. The verdict has been taken in accordance with the “Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance-2002”.

It has been notified to all the concerned that the use of tobacco and related products has been restricted from the public places, official automobiles as well as in the sub-offices and health facilities. The use of tobacco products has been prohibited within the limitations of the Directorate General Health Services.

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A required action would be taken against the rule violators under the section 11 and 12 of the above-described law. Any person who founds neglecting or violating the law would be charged with an amount extended up to rupees thousand under the Section 5,6 or 10 and in case the offence is repeated the individual would be obliged to a punishable fine which would not be any less than rupees thousand and may exceed up to one hundred thousand rupees.

This is a good initiative taken by the KP government for the health safety of the non-smokers. Smoking is not a healthy practice it not only destroys the individual but also affects badly on the health of the people around and on the environment in general.

Smoking is a serious and growing concern. Many countries have and are devising strategies to combat this issue like in Saudi Arab they raised the prices of the cigarettes in an attempt for making it unreachable from the buying capacity of people, this has helped somewhat and the Saudi Arab’s government plans to keep the rise hike in tobacco products growing and maintained. Similarly, in a Japanese company, they made this rule for the smokers to leave the office building if they wish to smoke this verdict also helped in decreasing the smokers count.

Smoking should be discouraged at every level and people should be forced to leave this habit either by counselling or if need by then by strict rules and regulations because there is no compromise on health.

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