KP Government Bans Mobile Phones for On-Duty Doctors & Nurses

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s health department has banned mobile phones for on-duty doctors and nurses. In order to enforce disciplinary ethics in all hospitals across the province this decision has been taken. A circular has been given to all public hospital of KPK by the health department. The hospitals are asked to enforce the rule strictly. The KPK provincial assembly highlighted the issue of excessive use of mobile phones by the on-duty nurses and doctors.

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Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Nighat Orakzai sent a calling attention notice. She said that it has become a common practice for on-duty doctors and nurses to use phones. It affects the patient treatment, as the attention of the doctors and nurses is on their phones instead of the patient. It is the negligence of doctors and nurses that has often led to the deteriorating health of patients, said Nighat Orakzai.

Orakzai has further asked the government to prohibit cell phones usage during the working hours for doctors and nurses. It is important to take this step because duty comes before any other distraction. A doctor and a nurse have a patient’s life in their hand and cell phones are major distractions. Thus, it makes senses that they are being banned when doctors and nurses are on duty.

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