KP Government Announced Public Areas to Close by 10pm

KP government announced public areas to close by 10pm. Shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and marriage halls all need to follow this SOP.

KP government announced a new SOP to tackle COVID-19 – public places to close by 10pm daily. The initiative has been taken as the second wave of coronavirus started hitting places.

All shopping malls, restaurants, shops, and marriage halls have been directed to follow the new timing schedule. It is also advised to close public parks and recreational spots by 6 pm.

However, pharmacies, medical stores, and tandoor shops will remain open 24/7 or on will. Additionally, it has been announced to the public to wear face masks.

The news also informed that petrol pumps and LPG shops are also allowed to work without any restrictions. The KP provincial government has warned masses of strict action in case of any violation.

The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) earlier had made it mandatory to wear face masks and ordered the provincial government for taking strict measures in view of the rising cases of COVID-19 pandemic.

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