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KP Gets its E-Challan System

e-challan system

Under the banner of the digital Pakistan, first digital system has been launched in the province of KP, which is the e-challan system, as per the reports of local media.

The system has been introduced for making the life of the people easier via the use of technology.

According to the details, the e-challan system has been introduced and linked with the central system for offering hassle free working and to make the performance better.

As per this system, one would receive a SMS alert soon after his or her number gets a challan. The newly launched system has been expanded to the tribal areas of the province as well.

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On the 5th of December in 2019, PM Khan launched the Digital Pakistan program as a step focused at the introduction of the latest technologies for the welfare of the public.

Digital Pakistan is a detailed plan which would not just help the nation in competing in the modern era of digitalisation but would also be creating jobs and providing ease for the people of Pakistan.

One most significant measure of the Digital Pakistan is of forming the development and literacy skills in the country’s youth. Via this measure, youth would be provided with the skills that would be helping them in competing in the world.

Digital skills and having relevant literacy enables the technology graduates to get the needed jobs. Majorly tech graduates today cannot compete in the global world as the curriculum of the country is not updated and is a bar from monetizing those skills.

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