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KP Announces Holidays Until March 28

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The government of KP has announced public holidays until the 28th of March amid coronavirus outbreak.

This announcement by the provincial government was made on Monday. It has also suspended the intra-districts public transportation from the 24th of March that is today until the 28th of this month.

Two notifications were issued by the relief, rehabilitation and settlement department for the purpose.

As per the issued notices, the public holidays in the province would be observed from the 24th of March until 28th in a bid to control the spread of the virus.

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The KP government has closed the shopping malls, markets and restaurants in the province until the 29th of this month and has asked the restaurants to stop their home delivery service, which was allowed previously.

Ajmal Wazir, the CM of the province said in a video statement that people should limit their movement, while all the other public exposure places and markets would be disinfected. He also indicated that the factories would remain closed until further directives.

Furthermore, the South Waziristan administration has made the announcement of complete lockdown on the tribal district from 6 pm on Monday.

An official of the tribal district said that South Waziristan was an underdeveloped area, so the fast-spreading virus needs to be controlled. He added that although situation is under control still precautionary steps need to be taken for the saving the lives of the people.

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