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KP and Educational Boards Might Conduct Exams in June

KP and Educational Boards

The education ministry of KP might conduct its matriculation and intermediate exams this June, as the federal government is pondering on its announcement to cancel them altogether.

As per an official at the inter-provincial boards’ chairpersons committee they would be having a meeting with Shafqat Mahmood, the federal minister for Federal Education and Professional Training. The official said that the chairpersons of all the educational boards are of the opinion that all the examinations could be conducted and there were not any major hindrances to stop this.

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All the preparation to conduct the exams had been done and they could be conducted while abiding with the SOPs to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They said that those exams are likely to occur from the 15th of June until the 15th of July. The federal minister for education has faced criticism from all the various segments of the society for annulling the examinations without taking any consultation of the educational boards.

For amending this issue, the inter-provincial boards’ chairpersons committee will be meeting and formulating a policy to conduct the examinations. They also said that there is a chance that the federal minister might take back his decision and the exams could occur.

The decision has created confusion as there were students who remained unsuccessful in some of their exams and had annulled their exams in hopes of attaining more marks in the next exams. Then there is another issue of the examinations fee that had already been collected.

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