Korean Lifestyle Brand Launches in Pakistan to Compete with Chinese Miniso

Korean lifestyle brand Ximi Vogue has launched in Pakistan to compete with hit Chinese brand Miniso. During the start of 2018, the Chinese/Japanese lifestyle brand MiniSo launched in Pakistan. The brand immediately gained popularity in the country due to its unique, affordable and best quality products. All over Pakistan, the branches of the brand were opened.

Now a Korean lifestyle brand Ximi Vogue is introducing itself in the Pakistani market. It is highly notable that both Miniso and Ximi Vogue have a lot in common. The range of the goods and products offered by both the brands, the logo, style of the store, system, brand strategy and mission in Pakistan, all appears to be similar.

Both brands appear to be the two sides of the same coin. The logo of both of them is based on a shopping bag. Then both of them have a similar color scheme, a smiley face, and a foreign language logo.

It seems that both these Chinese and Korean brands are basically a copy of a renowned Japanese brand called Daiso. These brands have to the dot copied everything of Daiso, from its layout to its product lineup.

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Due to the success of Daiso many brands decided to offer similar products. Surprisingly these are not the only copies of Daiso. Almost 5 to 6 brands have similar looks as that of the Japanese lifestyle giant.


It is rare that a copy of a brand receives popularity, however, it is important that new brands come up with new ideas to add diversity to the market instead of monotony.

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